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Hi Welcome to As Above So Below....., I am Moira and by now hopefully you have  read a little of my background in "Moira's Details".
My motivation is to communicate the simple truth about the game of life and aid others in finding peace and understanding.  To assist them in experiencing a taste of "heaven on earth"  (peace and tranquility) and create a safe and nurturing environment, to then, with emotional support, and practical knowledge build a secure foundation for a happier life.
Through my own experiences with family, work, love and money, I have gained the truth that these practices work and it is possible to feel empowerment and inner strength even when life may seem to be at its worst. To feel love and trust for yourself that you are right where you are meant to be and develop patience and compassion as you manifest positive change and the life that is rightfully yours.!
My life journey (56years to date) has been to Master the Emotions, to understand my personal spiritual journey and then support and show others how to find it for themselves.  To listen and trust my intuition, understand the power of emotional reactions and responses which enable  me to change the present and live the wonderful life already programmed for me in my subconscious (heart). 
 If you have an undersanding or interest in Astrology -  I am a Gemini with a Capricorn rising, (Communication/Community and Business are strong charateristics), Sagittarius North node (Intuition,and Higher Guidance along with Spiritual Teaching is my direction) and Cancer/Capricorn Solar and Lunar Eclipse (Community and Emotional well being is important with the gift to be able to remove negative emotional energy from others). Numerologically, I am a 5 Soul (take the energy of change and freedom into everything I do), 33/6 Life (Mastering responsibility, unconditional love and commitment) and 11 Destiny (To Master Life).
It is possible to access this information for you to understand your journey!!
The name "As Above So Below" was chosen to reflect the team finding the heart in your mind and mind in your heart you automatically find alignment and balance. If those at the top can find peace they will then affect those they touch. If you are Management, a Parent or simply feeling responsible, this is your opportunity to understand yourself, align yourself and then be a positive influence and teacher to all  you connect with.
This is taking your power back... instead of life happening to you as a push to find the "Self" voluntarily use your"Self" to make life happen for you!......You realise how powerful you already are. That you have had the "secret" all along but were unaware (not full awake/conscious).
Power is not something to wait for but to tap into...Power is creative energy...Pure LOVE  - we are not speaking of romance but the energy/intelligence that sees a baby grow into an adult, a seed into a tree. An intelligence that seems to understand life better than we ever could and seems to keep life unfolding even if we feel lost and floundering.
When you are waiting to feel powerful, you have forgotten that  it is already there. 
Empowerment and love feel out of reach because this energy is capped with "fear" from past experiences. When you take the time to access your Power underneath you have also discovered .......The Art of Allowing. This truly is the freedom we are seeking through outside interests but never seem to be able to hold onto.
This fear may not have you shaking in your boots but it does have you on nervous alert, constantly on edge mentally and may have heard of it as the "fight" or "flight" syndrome
It has you ready to run and hide (be alone, or run to another person, job or even country) or fight for survival (constantly defensive/argumentative) and you dont't know why.
To give you the opportunity to connect with your Power again life brings you an experience which GIVES YOU THE OPPORTUNITY TO FIND AND RELEASE THE FEAR WHICH  then AUTOMATICALLY ALLOWS THE LOVE/POWER to FLOW.
You may have heard the saying "Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans" are busy, busy with an idea and then bang along comes a "CRISIS" in some form or degree to grab your attention. You have an emotional reaction to it and ususally do one of the above reactions "fight" or "flight".
The Pure Intelligence has taken control and is asking you
  • to stop, go within and reflect.  
  • To take notice, take responsibility and change your attitude, approach and most of all beliefs about something.
  • BREATHE DEEPLY.....spend time withIN yourSELF....
  • this simple action will loosen the negativy and give you the opportunity to let it go and find the love and power underneath your reaction.
  •  How much time it takes  depends on how much "capping" you have over it from your past experiences. It will show itself in layers
You will survive it, it is only a feeling. But you need to work with it
You could take a pill, eat more sugar or a drink alcohol to disguise it or cap it a little more, but it will remain the same until you let it go from your heart or other body part in which it is stored.
 I like thinking of it as taking time to empty out a filing cabinet of negative feelings you have saved up throughout life. At the back of the filing cabinet the  feelings of joy, fun and laughter are stored in a separate file and you now have the opportunity to access them. With these positive feelings you ARE FREE to witness your true life plan stored in the  subconscious. This is developing your intuition. The life process then is to TRUST it as you work towards it.
This brings me to the word CONTROL.....which is definitely not POWER. Control is a tactic we use to keep things and people the same...unchanging.  Obviously  it can be used positively if need be e.g. to control a crowd of people, or to control your  own desire to physically hurt someone.
If your need to control is fuelled with negative emotions and thoughts you are definitely being motivated by fear not love. Fear will deplete your energy, Love will energise you.   It is important to listen to your self talk. Is it telling you negative things about the situation, people or outcome?  Then you will automatically want to control it/them. 
At first you may feel a rush of energy (interpreting it as  energising) but this is actually adrenalin (response to fight/flight) because you feel you have control, then just like  the after effect of  a sugar fix  you feel flat again.
Unfortunately, we are not taught this at school, home or work. Instead it is reinforced to cap it, be quiet, be perfect, keep everyone happy by being what they want and need and then go into shock and horror as you discover the outcome is not what you expected, but instead you are experiencing a CRISIS.
This is the universe giving you a message....
"to truly be a responsible human being you need to really know yourSELF. To continually expand your mindset (beliefs) and be sure they come from your own heart and NOT someone else's mind. To understand your own motivation, reactions and desires and in turn how they affect others.
Is your life fuelled by Love or Fear?.....What is The True Intent behind each thought and action?....Only you know the is Inside of YOU"
Life is simply a Mirror  reflecting beliefs you have about life. Your beliefs are held together by emotion....are yours serving you in a positive way?   Take time to look in the mirror and notice how you TRULY FEEL ABOUT LIFE AND YOURSELF. Are you repeating patterns or are the cycles of life bringing you what you truly believe you deserve?
It is simple, but not always easy.
We at As Above So Below are here to guide, support and uplift. Communicate with us as we truly want to assist you on your journey of self discovery. 
Always sending you thoughts for healing, love and abundance!
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