As Above So Below -  Workshops/Emotional Cleansing/Spiritual Healing/Massage
Healing Support throughout Australia:
Our aim is to offer ongoing love and support via a powerful network of caring supportive people.  As we meet and embrace heart connections from all over Australia we will give you the opportunity to connect with them for ongoing support. If you are wishing to vibrate at a higher level and raise the awareness and love of all on the planet, commit to your own health, healing and well being then contact these beautiful people.
Each State will Offer Spiritual Healing, Meditation, Therapeutic Massage, Intuitive Guidance. You will have the opportunity to meet and build a rapport with these wonderful healers at workshops in your area.

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Julie Baldwin Spiritual Healing / Meditation Groups  Phone 0433 453 904 
Julie has been a spiritual intuitive healer for over a decade, working in partnership with the Universal healing energies through hands on. Energy healing raises your vibration and consciousness enabling you to move forward connecting you to your true life path. Creating a safe, nurturing environment, Julie works with and is guided by the loving angelic realms. Her gifts may combine the use of sacred geometry, music, numerology, crystals, angelic and bush flower essences.
Moira Williams: Spiritual/Emotional Healing, Metaphysical Counselling, White Light Touch Therapy, Meditation classes and Self Discovery Workshops       Phone 0402 257 456
Niki McCarthy Therapeutic Massage
remedial massage therapist including Kahuna Massage, Hot stone massage therapy and pre natal aromatherapy                   Phone 0450 737 945
                                 BYRON BAY, NEW SOUTH WALES
Karena Williams:Massage, Reflexology, YogaTeacher                Phone 0431 458 953


Laura Williams  Holistic Massage, Chi Nei Tsang (Chinese abdominal massage), Foot Reflexology, Therapeutic Massage, Baby Massage Instructor
Laura is a qualifed Massage Therapist. Her massage techniques offer her unique angelic healing quality to relax, uplift and aid in disconnection from negative programming. Phone 0422 376 107
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